How Things Work: Explainers

The Dark Web

CQ Press , February 12th, 2019

Computer Hacking

CQ Press , February 11th, 2019

Species Extinction

CQ Press, December 15th, 2017

Future of the Christian Right

CQ Press, June 23rd, 2017

"Alt-right" Movement

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Life on New Planets

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Privatizing the Military

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Prostitution Debate

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Mortgage Crisis

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Your Two Different Pairs of Eyes

Cricket, January 1st, 1996


Science Weekly, February 1st, 1995

Teaching Notes : Crystals

Science Weekly , February 1st, 1995

How to Hide an Elephant

Children's Story Scripts, January 1st, 1991

Looking at Pakistan

Holy Childhood Association , September 1st, 1990

Classroom Activities -- Pakistan

Holy Childhood Association, September 1st, 1990